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Wipe the Day Away filters out the heavy energy exchanges with encounter throughout the day. If you are in a profession that requires a significant amount of interaction with people and/or emotionally intense conversations then this blends will help you to not bring it home with you. Often it is buildup of this energy that can lead us to feels tapped. out and even slow our healing process. Feel free to use this blend as frequently as needed to maintain balance and vitality.

These blends help:

  • neutralize foreign energies that do not belong in the field.
  • energy that's disrupt the body and spirit.
  • smooth and soften erratic flow of Qi


*Thanks to Desiree de Lune recepie

Wipe the day Away Blend

  • Gently shake to mix.

    Apply to the tops of the shoulders and on the inside of the risk crisis.


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