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 ThetaHEaling®with crystals

Energy Healing

Theta Healing® sessions with crystals are a type of session that can help you feel good and achieve positive results. During these sessions, you can explore your past experiences and emotions to find the best qualities and talents that you already have but are not yet using in this life. 

The sessions are conducted in a fun, pleasant, curious, and interesting mood, and there is no digging or pain involved. If you have any fears or difficult situations, they can also be addressed in an interesting way. There are conditions on how to conduct the session so that it brings you the desired result, but I will tell you about them at an introductory meeting.

Theta session with crystals, you will receive answers to your questions.

Why with crystals?


They contain a lot of information. Crystals are conductors that help you quickly enter the Theta state, get a deep and strong connection with the subconscious, move into the past, future, in the space between lives, get the desired answers, resources, solutions.

What can be done with the crystal grid?

  • Take a journey into your past, future lives, and the future of your present life.

  • Find and stop traumatic experiences and help heal real-life situations.

  • Recognize the causes of deep fears and release them.

  • Connect with the energy of prosperity, success, love, by accepting your best qualities and virtues for this life.

  • Understand the karmic connections with certain people and heal them.

  • Understand the reasons for current situations and improve them.

  • Talk to your guardian angels, spiritual family, teachers, guides, mentors, saints.

  • Get their support, help, advice, recommendation.

  • See your future in this life or your future incarnations.

  • Discover your purpose, mission, divine synchronicity, and understand how to apply them in the best way.

The technique itself is absolutely safe, using crystals. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that for just one session, a person can get a solution to the deepest problems that may have tormented them for decades.

Does it look like a miracle? Yes, it is a miracle, and this is the miracle of interacting with crystals.

There are two types of memory in our DNA cells. This is the genetic memory of our ancestors and the memory of the Soul for each reincarnation and spiritual event.


Are you ready for a change that will fulfill your life, desires, goals, and dreams, and make you happy and proud of your achievements now?

Healing with crystals
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