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“Empowerment through Boundaries” allows you to reclaim your authority. By using it, you’ll break free from the need to compromise your values and integrity just to please others. This blend establishes a clear demarcation between what is acceptable and what is not. As you adeptly construct these boundaries, you’ll find yourself welcomed into a realm of healthy, functional relationships.


This blend serves multiple purposes:

  • Building Strong Boundaries: It assists you in defining your desires and standing firm.
  • Clarity and Hope: It provides a beacon of clarity, illuminating a brighter future.
  • Alleviating Frustration: Whether directed inward or outward, it eases frustration and promotes balance.


Embrace this blend as a powerful tool for personal growth and harmonious connections.

Empowerment through Boundaries

  • Shake gently before use.

    Apply in the middle line on the belly, once per day for three weeks. 


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